Happy Valentine’s Day

When wading into stories on the origin of Valentine’s Day, it’s difficult to know where history stops and legend begins. But somehow, this amalgamation of death, sex, celebration, poetry, card-printing, and love has led to our current flower-infused and chocolate-scented version of the holiday on February 14.


The year 2016 represented record spending of $19.7 billion for Valentine’s Day, and figures for 2017 are not expected to top it.




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Valentine’s Day

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Corporation for Public Broadcasting: So Much More Than Sesame Street

Suggestions run rampant that the Trump administration would cut federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). This measure would have to be approved by Congress.

The CPB isn’t just an incubator for high-quality educational programming. Rather, it’s an important network providing the only source of broadcast information for many rural listeners.



Corporation for Public Broadcasting

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