Screening process for Syrian refugees

During the Obama administration and prior to the executive order signed on January 27, 2017, Syrian refugees were subject to the most stringent screening process of any refugee population eligible for U.S. resettlement.

Over a series of almost 2 years, applicants were reviewed by multiple U.S. security agencies, interviewed and re-interviewed, screened and vetted repeatedly until no security concerns remained. Only then were they eligible for entry into the U.S.

All the steps are outlined in the Syrian Refugee Screening Process infographic below.








The Screening Process for Refugee Entry into the United States (Obama White House archive)

Most Syrian refugees coming to U.S. are women, children

Refugees Entering the U.S. Already Face a Rigorous Vetting Process

This is How the Syrian Refugee Screening Process Works


New House Rules Ease Sale of Federal Land

Yosemite National Park photo credit to National Park Service


On Tuesday, January 3, 2017, this provision was approved by the House. Previously, Congress would have had to account for the cost of a land transfer from the Federal government to State governments in the budget. Now, these lands effectively have no value, and that makes them easier to transfer to states. Should these national treasures be managed at the local level? Or maintained nationally for the good of all Americans?








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Bill text

Federal land acreage by state

Largest National Wildlife Refuges

Largest National Parks


Women’s March Attendance Highest in U. S. History

The Women’s March one day after the 2017 Inauguration hit record levels for attendance. It joins the list of the largest one-day marches in U.S. History.


Over 3.3 million individuals marched across U.S. cities.


The historical accomplishments of past marches are well-documented, and movements like these have a way of mobilizing for great change. What are the next steps in tackling the issue of gender inequality?



Sources for attendance figures:

11. March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

10. Solidarity Day

9. Iraq Anti-War March

8. Moratorium March

7. The March for Women’s Lives

6. Million Mom March

5. Anti-Nuclear March

4. Million Man March

3. March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation

2. The Million Woman March

1. Women’s March